Pablo Morales Canedo was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 1979.

After obtaining his master's degree in Philosophy in Paris, he studied cinema in Barcelona, working on several productions as director, cinematographer, and editor, as well as teaching courses in both cinematographic language and photography. In 2008 he created a production company specializing in documentary films for television, and produced and directed several projects that were broadcast internationally.

Pablo has been an avid photographer since childhood, and over the years has honed his skills by working on various personal projects and assignments. His studies and work in philosophy and cinematography, as well as his experience and success as a documentary filmmaker, have all contributed to the development of the unique vision that he possesses today. With his photographic eye he strives to capture and reveal deeper layers of meaning in the world we see around us, and to provoke us to reflect upon our everyday experiences.

He is currently based in Shanghai, China. Working on personal projects, he is also available for both local and international assignments.